Sunday, July 31, 2011

More with less: Cibic & Partners and dogtrot

More with less ,  a miniature village of prefab houses and vegetable gardens , stems freom a project by Cibic &Partners ( Aldo Cibic & Tommaso Cora )  in Liaison with Dogtrot.

The Basic housing unit is a 4X4 m. From this one can create all manner consultable from a chart .The look can be varied: the façade may be green , wooden ,rendered or metal : the roof can be flat ;pitched ;terrace-able ; green or equipped with photovoltaic panels.

Other variables relate to climate, function and cost. Outside features like decks ,verandas , flower boxes and partition screens can personalize the design still further . These prefab bunglows are designed to grow in time: the basic cell can be added to upwards or sideways, as the use changes. Whatever the solution, the project prioritizes sensitivity to landscaping.

The basic structure has walls of laminated wood paneling and natural forms of insulation, a cocoon of high thermal insulating ideas. Criteria of sustainability mean that there is a gamut of energy –producing system to suit all latitudes and climates. Heating may be installed and assisted by a wind-powered generator if appropriate, or heat can be accumulated from a combination of energy sources. Energy-saving features include: a green roof, LED lighting, use of vacuum hygiene facilities, retrieval of “white “water” and collection of rainwater.  

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